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Invisalign: Say No to Braces

Not so many people know that apart from a dramatical improvement of the esthetics of our smiles, Invisalign significantly corrects such important components of the dental area as the Gum condition and Temporo Mandibular Joint health.Proper rearrangement of the teeth opens so much needed spaces between them to allow for an effective home brushing as well as professional cleaning.The gums, freed up from excessive pressure of overcrowded teeth, develop much better blood circulation, thus become stronger and looking better.

The teeth of both arches once assuming so important vertical position with Invisalign, suffer less and less strain from the episodes of strong chewing pressure.

Axial position takes that pressure easier.
However, one of the biggest effects attained through a full correction of malpositioned teeth, is a reduced concentration of bacteria in our blood stream and therefore more favorable status of our heart’s valves and endocardium.

Well-healed gums do not give away massive bacterial infection they used to generate, which in turn was running through our blood circles and settling on their most vulnerable components.

Interesting, that that was one of the biggest motifs that forced the Insurance companies just a few years ago to accommodate Orthodontic Treatment in the form of Invisalign as an insurable treatment modality.
Yes! We can claim this treatment to your Insurance policy and collect the funds from them, which will offset Invisalign treatment’s out-of-pocket costs.